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A little black cat holding a flag with the seal of the Universal Workers Union


Syndical Crossing is meant to be a cute, fun critique of the extractive capitalist tendencies of the better-known game to which it pays homage.

While watching Animal Crossing, I couldn't help but make some observations:

I kept wondering what a different mode of gameplay might look like, that sought to capture the fun of the Animal Crossing series while counteracting its inherently consumerist and capitalist mechanics.

Sydical Crossing Homescreen

What would a game look like that denies the capitalist mode of production and proceeds from a cooperative perspective?

What would an explicitly syndicalist game look like?

How would it play?

How do you take a style of gameplay which is individualist at its core, and collectivise it?

These are the questions I hope to address in the development of Syndical Crossing!


Currently, the closed-alpha is available to my patrons.

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three syndical crossing cats of varying looks

The game allows you to customize your character using either a small, built-in customizer, or you can use the templates below to design your own character skins using the image editing software of your choice.

Templates & Design Guides filefolder

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